LEVELS: From Beginner through Professional for ages 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, 16-18, and Adult.*

The phenomenon known as the “hip hop culture” was identified in the early 1980’s. The expression and words, hip-hop were originally used by MCs as part of a scat style of rhyming and evolved into the techniques and styles taught in hip-hop classes we teach at Robert Mann Dance Centre.

Rennie Harris is considered a pioneer for moving hip-hop from the streets to the concert and commercial stages by connecting hip-hop to its traditional origins.

His dance company, Rennie Harris Puremovement, conceived a vision for sharing an appreciation for diversity, and Harris is dedicated to preserving and disseminating hip-hop culture through workshops, hip-hop dance classes, lecture-demonstrations, dance residencies, mentoring programs, and public performances.

Today, hip-hop is connected to its roots and other traditional dance forms creating a new hybrid referred to as “new style.” “New style” is being explored by today’s choreographers and teachers of dance. Many dance studios offer hip-hop dance classes in which they utilize various elements of hip-hop styles and mix and blend them with more structured dance styles such as jazz and contemporary dance. Hip-hop purists have felt that the studio approach to hip-hop class at times sacrifices the technique and artistic expression of hip-hop. However, the media has made hip-hop accessible, displaying the form as a broad genre, giving choreographers and hip-hop class teachers much freedom for personal expression and invention.

To sign up for hip-hop dance classes here in Queens County, contact the Robert Mann Dance Center and see what this different style brings to your dance experience!