The Robert Mann Dance Centre offers graded dance classes from beginners through professional levels for both children and adults in:

  • Ballet
  • Pointe
  • Tap
  • Jazz
  • Lyrical/Contemporary
  • Acrobatics Modern
  • Theatre Dance
  • Stretch
  • Zumba
  • Ballroom

In addition, we offer 4 Programs for Young Dancers:

  • Tiny Tots Dance – Music & Dance & Me
    • For Children Ages 1.6 Years of Age – 2.0 Years of Age
  • First Steps Dance Program – Pre-Ballet & Tap
    • For Children Ages 2.6 Years of Age – 3.6 Years of Age
  • Combination Dance Class – Ballet – Tap – Tumble
    • For Children Ages 3.6 Years of Age – 6 Years of Age
  • Young Dancers Program – Tap & Jazz (2 Hour Class)
    • For Children Ages 6.0 Years of Age – 7.0 Years of Age


All dance classes are structured with allocated time for warm-up, center floor work, traveling movements, combinations, routines and cool-down. All students, regardless of age, learn the proper names and techniques and execution of each dance step. All adult and kids dance classes are divided first by technical proficiency, secondly by performance qualities, and then by age.


When considering the dance class placement of any student we ask that you remember:

  • That the assignment of any student to the proper dance class and instructor is personal and extremely important to advancement of their dance education.
  • That it may be necessary to reschedule a student several times before finding the class that will be most beneficial.
  • That when it comes to placing a student in the proper dance classes, the RMDC cannot and will not consider:, personal schedules, other events, other lessons, friendships, car pools, and other such matters.
  • That all children do not learn at the same rate and, although students may have started together, that does not mean that they should stay together. If they are not progressing at the same rate, keeping them in the same dance class benefits neither student. The more advanced student will become bored because the class is moving too slow and the student who is forced to be in a class that is beyond their technical level will become frustrated and want to stop taking dance lessons because they can’t keep up.

RETURNING STUDENTS are evaluated by the dance school faculty at the end of each year and are placed in dance classes in accordance with that evaluation the following year. Each student is placed with other students who have achieved the same level of technical proficiency and performance quality.

NEW STUDENTS will be placed in beginner dance classes in the subject(s) of their choosing and the closest age category to their age.

We DO NOT place students into dance classes by the number of years they have studied, but only by what they have accomplished in that period of time.


Missing lessons is frowned upon. All dance lessons at the RMDC are planned in advance and adjustments in that plan must be made for each student who misses a lesson. We cannot allow the progress of any class to be hindered by any individual student because of absences, nor will we permit any student to be held back from more rapid advancement by his or her classmates because of absences.

An alternate class schedule will be printed, distributed to all students and posted on the dance studio’s bulletin board. This schedule will list each class and the alternate scheduled class should you need a make-up class. All missed classes must be made up. There are no credits or refunds given for missed lessons. The entire yearly fee must be paid in full to participate in the Annual Recital.

A complete RMDC CALENDAR detailing the scheduled school closings will be published and distributed to all students. Excused Absence – Student must notify the RMDC in advance when missing a lesson due to illness or family emergency. Unexcused Absence – Students who do not notify the RMDC in advance, or are absent for reasons other than illness or family emergency, or are absent on a day the schools are closed but the RMDC but the RMDC is not. (see RMDC Calendar)

Any student who had four (4) or more missed lessons throughout the year and has not made the up in accordance with the Alternate Class Schedule will not be permitted to participate in the Annual Recital.


The RMDC policy concerning student’s attire is based upon tradition, but founded on the necessity of the teacher’s ability to clearly see the muscular movements and spinal alignment of the student. Wearing the proper dancewear enables the student to benefit the most from their training during dance classes.

The RMDC will publish and distribute a detailed list of what each student (without exception) will wear to each dance class by subject. Students who are not properly dressed will not be permitted to participate in class. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.


The annual registration fee for each student is $25.00. This fee is non-refundable.

The school year begins on the Wednesday immediately following Labor Day and ends the week of our Annual Recital. Tuition is a yearly (NOT PER CLASS & NOT PER MONTH) fee divided into nine (9) monthly installments (September – May) for your convenience. Tuition is due the FIRST DAY OF EACH MONTH WITHOUT EXCEPTION. The discounted rate only applies to tuition paid before the 10th of each month.

All checks are made payable to ROBERT MANN DANCE CENTRE, INC.

Payment Schedule:

Single Class Rate: $20.00 per class

1 Class per Week $70 $60
2 Classes per Week $120 $100
3 Classes per Week $170 $140
4 Classes per Week $220 $180
5 Classes per Week $260 $220
6 Classes per Week $300 $250

Solo Routine $350.00

Duo Routine (per student) $200.00

Trio Routine Lesson (per student $150.00

Return Check Fee $30.00

The RMDC WILL NOT REDEPOSIT CHECKS returned from the bank for any reason. All check paying privileges will be suspended for the remainder of the school year after the second returned check.


All students, children and adults, must adhere to all Rules & Regulations of the RMDC.

  • All students must attend dance classes regularly, arrive on time, and dress in accordance to the RMDC dress code. Students not properly attired or who arrive more than 5 minutes late for call will not be permitted to participate in the class.
  • There will be no smoking, chewing gum, or eating allowed anywhere in the dance studio with the exception of bottled water.
  • All students are to use the dressing rooms to change into and out of their dance attire.
  • Absolutely no clothing or personal belongings are to be left in the waiting room area before, during, or after dance classes.
  • Parents and guests waiting for students taking class are required to keep noise at a minimum so that the class in session will not be disturbed.
  • There will be absolutely no visitors permitted into the classroom other than on the regularly scheduled visitors’ day.
  • Students (other than those in the Pre-Dance Programs) requiring their parents in the classroom are not ready for the type of programs offered at the RMDC.
  • Non-dancing children in the waiting room are not to be left unattended.
  • Due to our insurance company’s strict regulations, babysitting is not permitted and therefore not offered by the RMDC. However, adult dance class students may bring their own babysitter to tend to their children while they are in the classroom.
  • Under fire regulations, NO CARRIAGES, BIKES, CARTS, etc. will be permitted to be brought into the RMDC.
  • The RMDC will not be responsible for any items lost, stolen, or left in any area of the studio.


An annual recital will be given at the close of the school year. The recital is looked upon as a learning experience. It is a mark of achievement and offers students an opportunity to work toward a goal during dance classes. Keep in mind that the “Art of Dance” is a “Performing Art” and the recital is the perfect place to display accomplishments. Participation in the recital is strictly voluntary.

There are NO RECITAL FEES at the RMDC; however, we do require each family to purchase a minimum of four (4) tickets to help defray the production costs. Tickets are $22.00 each.

RECITAL COSTUMES vary in price, usually in the $60.00 to $80.00 range, with the exception of specialty costumes which will run higher. A $30.00 costume deposit will be required in October 15th after all the music has been selected. Costume balances are due January 14TH.


The Robert Mann Dance Company was formed to give the students of the RMDC additional opportunities to enrich their dance education through performance opportunities, and is sponsored in part by the ROBERT MANN DANCE FOUNDATION, LLC.


In order to be part of the Robert Mann Dance Company, a dancer:

  • Must be ENROLLED IN A MINIMUM OF 3 CLASSES PER WEEK (Ballet is mandatory)