How dance classes can help athletes

Hello, dancers and prospective dancers. If you’ve ever signed up for a dance studio and went to regular classes, then you’re likely well aware that dancing isn’t an easy activity by any means. Not only do you need to learn new moves and routines, you also discover new muscles that you never knew even existed. And the day after an intense dance class, you’re well aware of the existence of these muscles when you’re feeling the soreness all over your body. Dancing, regardless of the genre, is an ideal means of exercise because it works all ends of the body. From the quads and glutes, to the abs, to the arms, it’s impossible to miss a muscle when you’re dancing all night.

If you’re an athlete, like a soccer player, marathon runner, or even football player—yes, we went there!—then we recommend signing up for a dance lesson as an extra means of training. Dancing offers an excellent means of exercise that can aid in your abilities in other sports and activities. Here’s how.

Stretching for Miles

One of the core components of any dance genre is flexibility. In order to complete the moves in most dance routines, you need to have an adequate amount of flexibility to not only do it, but to be safe while doing so. Limber muscles allow for better range of motion for moving, something that’s good for athletic activities far past dancing. All of our dance classes here at Robert Mann Dance Centre focus on stretching so that our dancers could reach their full potential. If you’re an athlete of any sorts, stretching regularly to improve flexibility will make you less susceptible to injury and will improve agility, stamina, and endurance alike. Tight muscles aren’t great for movement.

A Balancing Act

Even if you’ve never step foot in a dance class, you’re probably well aware that dancers have a superb ability to balance. Almost every dance movement across every type of dance requires a certain level of balancing ability. Dance without balance is awkward and looks something like flailing. In every dance lesson at Robert Mann Dance Centre, our dancers will regularly practice balance whether at the barre, on the floor, or even in their routines. As an athlete, dancer or not, an ability to balance is crucial. For example, if you’re a basketball player aiming for a shot, the balance in your body as you’re poised to shoot is going to be a key factor in whether or not you make the shot. Believe it or not, balance is much more than just twirling on your toes.

Stamina Across the Board

When you’re participating in a dance routine, you don’t have time to stop and take a breath. Once you start moving, you’re moving for the entirety of the routine, which can last for quite awhile. Additionally, the moves that dancers are completing in their routine are rarely easy. They’re a combination of turns, leaps, and full body movements that take months to master. Dancers have stamina, that’s for sure. If you’re an athlete who feels as though you’ve maxed out on stamina doing whatever you’re doing now, try dancing as a fun alternative that is sure to increase your ability to move for long periods.

Muscles where You Didn’t Know Existed

One thing that most new dancers notice is that they’re sore in areas that they didn’t know they could be sore. That’s because when you dance, you’re literally moving every part of the body that can be moved. Sometimes, it’s difficult to reach these muscles when you’re lifting or running. Dancing is not only fun, but the movements truly do target all areas of the body, which can help you achieve strength in areas that you didn’t think were possible to strengthen.

If you’re an athlete who is looking to up their ability or just someone who wants to join a fun and active dance class in Queens County, be sure to sign up for lessons here at Robert Mann Dance Centre! We have a huge variety of types to choose from including ballet, jazz, lyrical, and more. We’re sure we could help you find the class that’s perfect for you!