These are the qualities that make up a great dance instructor

Hello dancers and dance lovers alike. Welcome back to the Robert Mann Dance Centre blog. Our Queens County dance studio offers lessons from ballet to acrobatic dance to hip hop. If you want to dance, we’re sure we can find a class that you’ll absolutely love.

A great dance studio extends far past a crew of talented dancers. A studio that stands out and succeeds is rooted in leadership, and Robert Mann knows no better leaders than our very own instructors. What makes a great dance teacher, though? Is it her talent as a dancer? Her experience in the industry? Today on our blog, we thought we’d go over the exact things that make up a special instructor who is able to take his or her dances to great heights!

They have impeccable leadership skills

Dancers look towards their instructors to not only show them the moves, but to show them what it takes to be a dancer. Dancing isn’t an activity that’s cut out for everyone. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication. A great dance instructor can show their students the path to greatness. One of the best things you, as a dance teacher, can do for your students, is to show them that hard work will pay off and how exactly to work hard. They’ll give them practice homework, constructively criticize incorrect forms and movements, and allow them plenty of chances to show improvement. In dance, talent isn’t nearly as important as hard work is.

They know how to motivate their dancers

Being a dancer can be hard. Sometimes, even after days of practicing a specific move or form, it will feel that success just isn’t achievable. Too many dancers quit just because they don’t think that they have it in them to keep up, or to get it right. Teachers, rather than noticing when a student is struggling and offering extra help, will just let that dancer fall behind. Unfortunately, many of these dancers love dance, but just don’t feel that they’re good enough.

A great teacher can discern between those in their dance studio who don’t care and aren’t doing well and those who do care and are having trouble. Spending a little bit of extra time helping a student is really going to go a long way in helping them succeed. If you as a teacher put in the time to help your dancers, the rewards that you reap are going to be far larger than the extra work.

They Don’t Promote Inner-Studio Competition

Dancing is a very competitive activity. Dancers are always pining for lead roles, and the competition can often cause animosity within the dance studio. As a teacher, it’s your responsibility to understand this competition and to quell it in the best way possible. It’s natural for students to want to earn lead roles and be placed front and center, and that’s a great thing as long as you can show students who didn’t get lead that it wasn’t because they weren’t good enough, but rather another dancer simply fit the role better. Additionally, you absolutely cannot pick favorites. Bad feelings that run rampant within a studio can lead to dancers feeling inadequate and left out. That’s not something a skilled dance teacher would allow.

Dance instructors should show their students that those who were given lead roles got the position because of hard work, not because they were necessarily “better.” While some people are naturally better dancers than others, the ones who succeed are the ones that give it their all. Hard work always beats talent, regardless of the industry.

They’re Understanding

A great dance teacher will know how to understand their students and their needs. Everybody is different and everybody has different skills and motivations. Additionally, some dancers are going to have natural abilities while others don’t. Knowing how to adjust your teaching style to the class and the individual dancers at the same time is going to give your dancers a better route to success. To do this, you’ll want to pay attention and see what teaching style naturally works better. This isn’t a skill that’s come by easily, but if you keep at it, you’ll be an excellent and loved instructor in no time!

All of the instructors at Robert Mann Dance Centre are passionate about their dancers and do everything in their power to promote them to succeed. Every student has different needs, and we’re here to help them become the best dancer that they can be! Dancing is a beautiful activity and classes can shape people for the rest of their lives. Thanks for reading! We hope you join our instructors at our wonderful dance studio and sign up for classes at Robert Mann Dance Centre. See you soon!