Looking to jump into dancing? Check out some of these dance styles

Hello and welcome back to our blog! In our last post, we talked all about the different types of dancing styles that our studio offers. From acrobatics, to lyrical, to ballet, Robert Marin Dance Centre is sure to offer a class that will suit your personality to a T. Last week, we discussed the elegance of ballet, the uniqueness of lyrical, and the swiftness of tap! Today, we’re going to talk about the other classes that our dance studio offers and what makes them oh-so unique!

Theatre Dance

Is your dream to dance in an ensemble to Memories in the musical, Cats, on a stage in front of a full audience? You’ve certainly came to the right place. Theatre dance utilizes a specific type of style that is both versatile but also quite strict. When dancing in a play or a musical, you need to be equipped to dance amongst others in an interactive manner. While other dance forms certainly also rely on the ability to dance in sync with others, you’re not usually dancing as if you’re in conversation with other dancers, unless you’re in ballet which is an entirely different story!


Stretching is an essential component to all facets of dance and improper stretching and flexibility isn’t suitable if you want to progress. A stretch class focuses on improving posture, flexibility, and range of motion. This class is an excellent supplement class to everything else that we offer and can be taken on its own! Flexibility is an essential component to succeeding in any style of dance, no matter how strict or poised the movements are! Not only is dancing with flexible muscles much more aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also much easier. For example, an arabesque in ballet is going to look much more elegant when legs stretch high in the air! A stretch class is also ideal for athletes outside of the studio as improved flexibility can increase endurance and prevent many injuries.


While you’ll never perform Zumba on a stage in front of others, it’s still a super fun type of dance class that is sure to get you sweating. An exercise class that utilizes dance to burn calories and get you in shape, Zumba is the perfect class for those who are more inclined to get fit than they are to become an experienced dancer. Additionally, it’s super fun and non committal! We like to think of Zumba as an even more enjoyable and upbeat form of pilates with all of the benefits! Come and dance the class away to Shakira and other fast paced tunes. You’ll be in amazing shape in no time!


Become the Disney Princess that you’ve always wanted to be. Ballroom dancing is unique in that it normally requires two people who move in sync. This type of dance is super fun and is especially great for adults who don’t feel as inclined to jump right into the more strict and committal forms of dance, like ballet and jazz. However, our classes still require just as much time and effort as the rest! Ballroom dance the night away by signing up for a class!

We hope that our two part blog on everything dance was helpful in informing you of all of the different and wonderful styles of dance that Robert Marin Dance Centre offers! If you need help deciding on what classes will suit your expectations, want to sign up for classes, or have any other inquires regarding our studio, feel free to give us a call! We’re super excited to get you started!