Some of the dance classes our studio offers

Hello lovelies! Welcome to the Marin Dance Centre blog! We’re so excited to have you here. In this space, we’re going to provide you with dancing tips, updates, and and insights. The art of dance stretches far past recitals and practices and is intertwined with almost all facets of life!

To start off our blog on the right note, we’re going to chat all about the dance classes that we at Robert Marin Dance Centre provide to both children and adults! If you’re new to dance and want to find that class that perfectly fits your style and personality, you’ve come to the right place!


Ballet is the cornerstone of dance. Its classical style mixed with elegant choreography has been marking the dance world for hundreds of years. Ballet is a simple and structured form of dance and every move is done so with precision. Therefore, this form of dance isn’t for people who aren’t open to a strict class structure. What makes ballet… ballet, is the fact that each move has a very strict purpose that adds to the aesthetic of the performance. Each plie needs to be completed at a certain level and each arabesque must be topped with a pointed foot.  


Pointe is a variation of ballet but done so on a specific type of shoe. Pointe shoes allow the dancer to perform on the tops of their toes, which makes for an incredibly beautiful performance. Because your feet continue to grow until a certain age, our dance studio doesn’t offer pointe classes until the dancer becomes old enough that the shoes won’t disrupt proper foot growth. These shoes add a level of beauty and uniqueness that go unparalleled. Next time you go to the ballet, or even the Nutcracker, take notice of the elegance that pointe brings to the show! When our students are mature enough to start dance on pointe, we’ll ensure that they take all of the safety precautions necessary to avoid injury and discomfort.


Channel your inner Fred Astaire with tap. Tap, similar to ballet, is one of the more well known forms of dance. Tap shoes have metal or ceramic attachments to the bottoms that make a “tap-tap” noise when in contact with the floor. This style of dance, through strict and reliant on precision, is more of a fast pace compared to ballet and allows a bit more wiggle room in terms of movement.


Jazz style is a bit of a break from the stringent other styles of dance, such as ballet. This style of dance utilizes sharp and precise movements done with strong posture. Jazz, while fun, focuses a lot on its technical movements that are designed to look like they were completed on the spot! Many students pair ballet with jazz, as the posture and flexibility exercises are often interwoven and can assist in improvement in both styles! If you’re just beginning, we recommend taking both classes. Therefore, if you decide that you only want one, you’ll be able to transition easily to a single focus.


Lyrical dancing is quite new and irregular compared to other styles of dance. While jazz and ballet focus on strict movements, lyrical allows for creativity and a lack of purpose. While each class is different and each lyrical dancer has their own expectations for what this style is, it generally allows for a less stringent need for precision and accuracy. Flowy movements paired with nuance placement allows for a showstopping performance that can be bone chilling if executed correctly. We suggest our lyrical classes for the dancer who’s ready to go far beyond the dancing norm. What’s also fun with lyrical/contemporary is that it can be paired with a variety of different music types while ballet and jazz are normally paired with a very specific music style!

Acrobatics Modern

This style of dance is exactly what it sounds like! We combine smooth acrobatic movements with a modern style of dance to make for a wonderful and exciting performance. Because of all the dangers that can surround completing acrobatic movements in an unsafe environment, our dance studio makes sure that each student is getting the highest level of supervision necessary and nobody is expected to do moves that they are uncomfortable with.