Try out these Halloween dance activities

Next week is Halloween, and you know what that means! Kids from all over Queens County are anticipating the fun holiday. What’s better than costumes and candy? The dancers here at Robert Mann Dance Centre are super excited for Halloween, and our dance teacher sure can pick up on that excitement! Since Halloween is just around the corner, we came up with some super fun and ghoulish activities that integrate both the Halloween spirit and dancing into one lesson. If you teach a class of young dancers, celebrate the holiday with these fun suggestions!

Host a costume contest

Costume contests allow the dancers to come into class and show off their Halloween costumes, which is always fun. Additionally, the contest portion makes it all the more fun, because kids then feel inclined to try their hardest to put together a clever costume. Seeing everyone in a Halloween costume parade in and out of the dance studio makes for a great and energetic time. Trust us, kids will love to practice dance when dressed up in their costumes!

Learn the Thriller dance

Nothing is more iconic than Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance, and it’s especially potent around Halloween time. If you teach a dance class, you must teach your dancers the Thriller dance. It’s practically a rite of passage! If you’re feeling adventurous, have the dancers dress up in their best werewolf, ghoul, or zombie costume and makeup before class. They’ll bring this memory with them for the rest of their lives!

Have a Halloween dance party

Chances are, the students in your dance class are working hard all year long. What’s the harm in dedicating one lesson to freestyling and having fun? Turn the dance lesson into a Halloween dance party! What’s fun about this is that dancers are naturally collaborative, and chances are, they’ll be moving in rhythm with one another. While it may not be exactly in line with what you’ve been practicing on, it will give the dancers a chance to be autonomous, which is a reward in itself. Crank up the Halloween jams and dance, dance, dance!



Choreograph a Halloween dance

For Halloween, choreograph a fun and spooky dance with your students. Pick your favorite festive song and make up a routine that’s fun and in the spirit of the season. Pull moves from Thriller and Rocky Horror and add your own special moves. At the end of the lesson, invite the parents and other family members to watch the dance that you and your dancers put together. This is a perfect way to get into the holiday spirit and practice dancing at the same time.

If you’re feeling adventurous, have all of the different classes in your studio each choreograph a dance routine to a different song. Sometime during the week, bring everyone in the dance studio together to perform their routines for one another.

Halloween is one of the many fun things that our dance studio in Queens County enjoys. We hope you have a happy Halloween! If you want to start dancing with Robert Mann Dance Centre, call today to sign up!