1. The Different Types of Dance (II)

    Looking to jump into dancing? Check out some of these dance styles Hello and welcome back to our blog! In our last post, we talked all about the different types of dancing styles that our studio offers. From acrobatics, to lyrical, to ballet, Robert Marin Dance Centre is sure to offer a class that will suit your personality to a T. Last week, we discussed the elegance of ballet, the uniqueness of …Read More

  2. The Different Types of Dance (I)

    Some of the dance classes our studio offers Hello lovelies! Welcome to the Marin Dance Centre blog! We’re so excited to have you here. In this space, we’re going to provide you with dancing tips, updates, and and insights. The art of dance stretches far past recitals and practices and is intertwined with almost all facets of life! To start off our blog on the right note, we’re going to chat …Read More