1. How to Prepare for Pointe Class

    Some tips for dancers who are preparing for their first pointe class Every little ballerina yearns for the day that she could strap on a pair of pointe shoes and pirouette around the stage as the Sugar Plum Fairy. There’s a reason why little dancers have to wait to start pointe, though, and that’s because their feet are still maturing; the pressure from the shoes could disrupt development. If …Read More

  2. Halloween Dance Class Ideas

    Try out these Halloween dance activities Next week is Halloween, and you know what that means! Kids from all over Queens County are anticipating the fun holiday. What’s better than costumes and candy? The dancers here at Robert Mann Dance Centre are super excited for Halloween, and our dance teacher sure can pick up on that excitement! Since Halloween is just around the corner, we came up with s…Read More

  3. Think You’re Cut Out for Dancing?

    Some Questions to Ask Yourself if You Don’t Think You Can Dance Hello, everyone! What’s better than dancing? Really, we’re waiting for an answer. Okay, since the clear answer is “nothing is better than dancing!” we’re going to go into convincing those who haven’t danced past grooving at a party or moving in the comfort of their own home why it’s time to finally join dance lessons! …Read More

  4. Using Dance for Other Sports

    How dance classes can help athletes Hello, dancers and prospective dancers. If you’ve ever signed up for a dance studio and went to regular classes, then you’re likely well aware that dancing isn’t an easy activity by any means. Not only do you need to learn new moves and routines, you also discover new muscles that you never knew even existed. And the day after an intense dance class, you…Read More

  5. The Qualities of a Great Dance Instructor

    These are the qualities that make up a great dance instructor Hello dancers and dance lovers alike. Welcome back to the Robert Mann Dance Centre blog. Our Queens County dance studio offers lessons from ballet to acrobatic dance to hip hop. If you want to dance, we’re sure we can find a class that you’ll absolutely love. A great dance studio extends far past a crew of talented dancers. A studio…Read More

  6. The Different Types of Dance (II)

    Looking to jump into dancing? Check out some of these dance styles Hello and welcome back to our blog! In our last post, we talked all about the different types of dancing styles that our studio offers. From acrobatics, to lyrical, to ballet, Robert Marin Dance Centre is sure to offer a class that will suit your personality to a T. Last week, we discussed the elegance of ballet, the uniqueness of …Read More

  7. The Different Types of Dance (I)

    Some of the dance classes our studio offers Hello lovelies! Welcome to the Marin Dance Centre blog! We’re so excited to have you here. In this space, we’re going to provide you with dancing tips, updates, and and insights. The art of dance stretches far past recitals and practices and is intertwined with almost all facets of life! To start off our blog on the right note, we’re going to chat …Read More